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Jones buy snowboard is the right place if you are looking for a Jones snowboard. We have the most popular models from the Jones snowboard collection. Are you looking for an all mountain or freestyle snowboard? Then go for the Jones Mountain twin or Twin Sister. Are you looking for a freeride snowboard and do you like to hit the powder whenever possible? Then go for the Jones Frontier or Flagship.

Jones snowboard

Why choose a Jones snowboard?

Jones snowboards are a popular choice among snowboarders because of their high quality, innovative technologies and focus on durability. When search word 'Jones snowboard' is mentioned, there are several reasons why snowboarders choose Jones.

First, the brand is known for its uncompromising approach to performance and design. Jones snowboards are designed and tested by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones, who is known for his adventurous and groundbreaking style.

Jones snowboards use advanced materials and construction methods to deliver optimal performance in a variety of terrain conditions. They are designed for off-piste adventures, backcountry exploration and freeride-style riding.

In addition, Jones is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing. They use ecological materials and techniques to reduce their impact on the environment.

With a Jones snowboard, snowboarders can enjoy responsive handling, excellent grip on icy slopes and smooth turns in powder snow. The focus on quality and performance makes Jones snowboards a favorite choice for both experienced snowboarders and adventurous beginners looking to push their limits.

The best Jones snowboards for freeriders

Are you a Die Hard freeride snowboarder and looking for a Jones snowboard that is fast and stable? The flagship of the Jones collection is the Flagship. Meanwhile, this Jones snowboard is a household name in snowboarding world when it comes to its performance. The Flagship guarantees speed, float, control and directness. The board is stiff in length as in torsion. This can cause problems for a novice snowboarder. You will really have to work with the Flasghip.

Do you have less experience or do you just want a more relaxed ride? Then the Jones Frontier is the best choice. The flex of the Frontier is just a bit more friendly. But don't underestimate the board. Both on-piste and off-piste the board easily stands its ground.

Jones snowboards

A snowboard for all mountain freestylers

Besides the well-known freeride models, Jones snowboards also has a few freeride stunners in their collection. Think of the Jones Mountain Twin and the Twin Sister. These snowboards have a 3D Contour base. The nose and tail have a spoon. This means that the edges in the tip and tail come up. You can compare it to a spoon. This gives the board better steering. These boards also have better float in powder.

Jones snowboard

What are the advantages of a Jones snowboard?

Jones snowboards offer numerous advantages for snowboarders of all levels, making them a top choice in the winter sports world.

  1. Performance: Jones snowboards are designed by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones, which guarantees unmatched performance in a variety of terrain conditions. They offer responsive handling, stability and precision while riding.
  2. Sustainability: The Jones brand is committed to sustainability and uses environmentally friendly materials and production methods. This allows snowboarders to enjoy their adventures in nature without guilt.
  3. Technology: Jones snowboards use innovative technologies, such as the 3D Base Contour and Traction Tech, which allow riders to have better grip and control, especially in challenging conditions such as powder.
  4. Versatility: Whether you are a novice snowboarder or an experienced freerider, Jones offers a wide range of snowboards for different riding styles and levels, allowing everyone to find the perfect board.
  5. Backcountry focus: Jones is known for its focus on backcountry and freeride riding, making the brand beloved by adventurous snowboarders who like to go off the beaten path.

In short, with a Jones snowboard you get a high-quality, durable and versatile snowboard that helps you get the most out of your snowboarding experience.

Jones snowboards with bindings

We also offer complete Jones snowboards with bindings. Combine your favorite Jones snowboard with a matching snowboard binding. Together with Jones Snowboards, Now Bindings has developed bindings that fit the boards perfectly. Do you prefer Flow bindings or Burton bindings on your Jones snowboard? Then we can arrange that for you. Please contact us or stop by our snowboard shop. We are happy to advise you which type of Jones snowboard suits you best. Have you made your choice? Then we adjust the bindings to your board, so you don't have to worry about it. Finally, we wax your board manually with hot wax and a wax iron.

Besides snowboard sets from Jones, we also offer different offers from other brands. Curious? Check out our snowboard bindings.

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