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Everything you need to know about Wax Scrapers for Snowboard and Skis

When it comes to maintaining snowboards and skis, applying a good layer of wax is crucial to optimize performance on the slopes. One of the essential tools for this process are wax scrapers. These scrapers are used to remove excess wax from the base of the snowboard or skis after application. How to use a wax scraper is explained below. If you have any questions about waxing or sharpening a snowboard ski please feel free to contact us.

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What is the function of a wax scraper?

Wax scrapers are designed to remove excess wax from the base of snowboards and skis after the wax has been applied and cooled. By scraping off the excess wax, the base or belay of the snowboard or ski becomes smooth and even, improving gliding performance and providing better control on the snow.

What different wax scrapers are there?

Basically, there are three different belay scrapers for scraping the excess of wax off your snowboard.

  1. Plastic Wax Scrapers: Plastic scrapers are probably the most widely used and versatile option for removing excess wax. Wax scrapers come in different thicknesses and stiffnesses, allowing you to choose which one best suits your needs. Plastic scrapers are durable, easy to use and suitable for beginners and experienced maintenance professionals alike. The thicknesses of plastic wax scrapers can vary between 3 and 5 mm.
  2. Aluminum Wax Scrapers: Aluminum scrapers are sturdier and sharper than plastic scrapers, making them more effective in removing stubborn wax residue. They are often used for more thorough base cleaning and precision work. Aluminum scrapers, however, are less forgiving than plastic scrapers and require more experience to use correctly to avoid surface damage. It is advisable when you begin self waxing to start with a plastci scraper to avoid damage to your belay.
  3. Scrapers for Snowboard and Skis: There are specific scrapers designed for snowboards and skis that take into account the different sizes and shapes of the bases. These scrapers are often slightly wider than standard scrapers and have an ergonomic design that makes it easier to cover the full width of the base while scraping.

How to Use Wax Scrapers.

Using wax scrapers requires some form of technique to ensure that you do not damage the base of your snowboard or skis. The following are the general steps to follow:

  1. Apply Wax: After you have cleaned the base of your snowboard or skis, apply wax evenly over the entire surface using a wax iron.
  2. Allow Wax to Cool: Let the wax cool and cure completely before you begin scraping. This ensures that the wax adheres well to the base and is easier to remove.
  3. Begin Scraping: Take a wax scraper and hold it firmly with both hands with the thumbs facing you. Place the scraper at an angle of about 45 degrees to the base and push the scraper across the surface with even pressure, from the til to the tail of the snowboard or skis.
  4. Repeat If Needed: Repeat the scraping process until all excess wax is removed from the base and it is smooth and even to the touch.
  5. Clean the Scraper: Wipe off any wax residue from the scraper with a cloth or brush before storing it to prevent wax residue from accumulating and interfering with next time use.

Helpful tips for using and maintaining wax scrapers

  • Choose the right scraper: Choose a scraper suitable for your level and experience, as well as snowboard or ski use.
  • Apply light pressure: Start with light pressure while scraping and gradually increase pressure as needed to avoid damage to the base.
  • Use multiple scrapers: It can be helpful to have multiple scrapers of different thicknesses and stiffnesses for different waxes and conditions.
  • Maintain your wax scrapers: Keep your wax scrapers clean and free of wax residue to ensure optimal performance and extend the life of your tools.
  • Keep wax scrapers sharp: If you use a plastic scraper you will find that it becomes more effective over time. Also, the angle of the scraper slowly becomes blunt with use just like a steel edge of ski or snowboard. A plastic wax scraper can be sharpened if necessary.

wax schrapers

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