The snowboard brand Burton: Innovation, Passion and Leadership in the Snowboarding World.

When it comes to snowboarding, there is no brand more iconic and influential than Burton. A pioneer in the snowboard industry, Burton has had a profound impact on the sport since its founding in 1977. From developing the first snowboard to leading the industry with innovative technologies, Burton remains a leading brand known for its quality, performance and dedication to the snowboarding community. In this category text, we will delve deeper into the history, philosophy, technologies and product line of Burton Snowboards.


History of Burton

The story of Burton began in 1977 when Jake Burton Carpenter developed his first snowboard in his Vermont hometown. At the time, snowboarding was often considered a maverick sport, but Jake was determined to popularize and develop it. Over the years, Burton experienced tremendous growth and took the sport to new heights.

In the 1980s, Burton grew into one of the most recognized brands in the snowboarding world. They launched innovative products and brought snowboarding to a wider audience. In 1985, they introduced the first snowboard with metal edges, which improved performance and control. This was followed by numerous other firsts, including the introduction of EST bindings, which allow a more direct connection between snowboard and rider.

In the 21st century, Burton continues to lead the snowboard industry with a continued focus on technological innovation and sustainability. Their commitment to environmental awareness and commitment to the snowboarding community are some of the factors that make Burton a beloved brand among professionals and amateurs alike.


Philosophy and Mission of Burton

The philosophy of Burton has always been to make snowboarding accessible to everyone and to push the boundaries of the sport. They believe in the power of snowboarding as a way to connect people, push boundaries and have fun in the outdoors. Burton strives to create products of the highest quality that enhance the snowboarding experience and enhance the passion for the sport.

Another essential aspect of Burton's philosophy is their commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness. They understand that the future of the sport depends on protecting the natural environment in which it takes place. Burton is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices, minimizing their carbon footprint and supporting initiatives that protect the winter sports environment.

Technological Innovations of Burton

Burton is known for its technological innovations that have significantly improved the snowboarding experience. Some of the notable technologies include:

  1. The Channel: Introduced in 2011, The Channel is a mounting system that allows unlimited adjustment of binding positions. This allows snowboarders to adjust their bindings precisely to their riding style and preferences.

  2. EST Bindings: Burton's EST bindings are designed to work with The Channel mounting system and offer a more direct connection between snowboard and rider. This provides better control and board feel.

  3. Flying V: Burton's Flying V camber profile combines camber and rocker to enhance the snowboard's performance and maneuverability. It provides stability at high speeds and playfulness for freestyle tricks.

  4. Carbon Highlights: By strategically placing carbon fibers in the board, Burton's Carbon Highlights provide extra pop, responsiveness and power without added weight.

  5. Ankle Hammock: Introduced in their bindings, the Ankle Hammock provides a secure fit to the snowboard boot, transferring power to the board more efficiently.


The assortment of Burton

Burton can be proud of their wide assortment of snowboarding items. Every season Burton releases another large and renewed colelction on the market. Take a look at our complete collection Burton with a.o: