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Wax Sets for Snowboard Maintenance: Get the Best Out of Your Snowboard

As an avid snowboarder, you understand the importance of regular maintenance on your snowboard. One of the essential maintenance activities is waxing the belay of your snowboard. This not only ensures a smooth and fast ride on the slopes, but also prolongs the life of your snowboard. When you wax your snowboard base properly with a wax set you will notice that the gliding ability will increase and that you will stop less often at flat connecting pieces. With a complete wax set you have everything you need to wax and maintain your snowboard. We have a wide range of wax sets from top brands like Holmenkol and Oneball

What's in a Wax Set for Snowboard Maintenance?

A typical wax set for snowboard maintenance includes a range of tools and products to clean, wax and protect your snowboard. A good wax set possesses a wax iron, different brush, scraper, base cleaner and, of course, wax. The Holmenkol Smartwaxer set also includes a ptex stick to repair your base when it is damaged.

What else do you need besides a wax set?

When you have a good waxing set to wax your snowboard you only need clamps or brackets on which you can stabilize your snowboard. These clamps are demountable so you can take them with you during your ski vacation. So take your snowboard wax set and the clamps with you on vacation so you can add extra wax to your snowboard midweek. Especially when the temperature is a bit higher, the water will cause the wax to disappear sooner, and that comes at the expense of gliding ability.

Before you start waxing you will need to clean the base. Some wax sets come with base cleaners. You can clean the base with a cleaner or with a soft wax. Be sure to check what is included in the wax set and order a cleaner if needed.

snowboard waxsets

Buy complete snowboard wax sets online

Order your snowboard wax set quickly and easily at Snowboards.eu. Do you want to start maintaining your snowboard yourself and do you need tips or explanations? Then come by our snowboard shop. We are happy to help you get started and teach you the basics of maintaining your snowboard yourself.