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Are you going on a ski trip soon and do you want to buy new snowboard goggles? Then Sideways is the right place for you. Don't underestimate the importance of good snowboard goggles! Goggles protect your eyes against the cold, wind and possibly a fall. Especially during poor conditions, you are better off with goggles. There is no difference between ski goggles and snowboard goggles. However, there may be differences between men's and women's snowboard goggles.

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The importance of a snowboard goggle

Besides protecting you from the cold wind, wearing a snowboard goggle prevents unfiltered sunlight from getting into your eyes. When the bright UV radiation beams directly on your eyes, it can have unpleasant consequences. During winter sports, this danger is even greater because the snow reflects the Uv radiation. In addition, Uv radiation pops right through thick clouds. Therefore, wearing a properly sealing snowboard goggle is a must during your winter sports.

We have selected a nice collection of ski and snowboard goggles for you from different great brands such as SPy,Smith, Aphex and Anon.

Want to buy all weather snowboard goggles? Try our Smith goggles

Smith 's all weather snowboard goggles are unmissable and wildly popular. Why? Quite simple! The quality and looks of the Smith goggles are very good. The lenses of the Smith goggles are equipped with Chromapop. This allows you to see even sharper with better contrast. If you want to go all the way, we also have Smith helmets to which the snowboard goggles from Smith fit perfectly.

Goggles from Anon

The ski and snowboard goggles from Anon are also very hip and innovative. The goggles from Anon are equipped with Sonar lenses. Sonar gives you better vision with depth and contrast. In addition, you can change the lenses of some models of Anon goggles at lightning speed thanks to the Magna-Tech system. We also have cool Anon helmets in the collection that the goggles perfectly match.

Goggles from Aphex

The great thing about the ski snowboard goggles from Aphex is that you can change the straps. In addition, with mostAphex goggles you get two lenses as standard. A lens for good weather and a lens for bad weather.

What to look out for when buying a snowboard goggle?

When buying a snowboard goggle, there are some important aspects to keep in mind. First, the fit is essential - make sure the goggle fits your face well and is comfortable to wear without pinching or shifting while snowboarding. In addition, the lens color is important, as different shades are suitable for various weather conditions. A clear lens is ideal for cloudy days, while dark lenses are good for sunny conditions. Also consider anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings for clear vision and durability. Furthermore, the ability to change lenses can be useful if you snowboard often in changing conditions. Finally, choose a stylish goggle that matches your personal taste and snowboarding outfit.

Snowboard goggle lens category.

For every type of weather, you should put a different lens in your goggle. Now this is not always possible. There are three categories of lenses. Category 1, 2 and 3.

The brighter the sun, the darker the lens should be. So during a clear blue sky, you will have the best vision with a ski goggle with a category 3 lens.

Goggle with cylindrical or spherical lens

The main difference between a snowboard goggle with a spherical and a cylindrical lens is the shape of the lens. A spherical lens has a curved shape in both the vertical and horizontal directions, similar to the appearance of a sphere. This allows the lens to better conform to the shape of the face, providing a wider field of vision without distortions. Spherical lenses also reduce the risk of glare and reflections, ensuring clear and bright vision in various conditions.
On the other hand, a cylindrical lens has a flatter shape in the horizontal direction and a curved shape in the vertical direction, similar to the appearance of a cylinder. Cylindrical lenses are often slightly cheaper than spherical lenses and can still provide good vision, but they usually have a narrower field of vision and can cause more distortion at the edges of the field of vision. In general, spherical lenses are more popular because of their better fit and wider field of vision, but the choice between the two lens types depends on personal preference and budget

Photochromatic snowboard goggles

A photochromatic lens is ideal in a snowboard goggle because it automatically adjusts to changing light conditions. These lenses contain photochromatic properties that react to UV light, making the tint of the lens darker when more UV light is present, such as on sunny days. In contrast, the lens becomes lighter when there is less UV light, such as on cloudy days.
This adaptability of the photochromatic lens offers several advantages for snowboarders. First, it eliminates the need to change lenses or carry around multiple goggles, which is convenient during changing weather conditions. You can wear one goggle that adapts to the environment, allowing you to continue snowboarding unhindered.

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