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All about Flow bindings

Looking for Flow bindings to mount on your snowboard? Then you've come to the right place at Snowboards.eu. We have almost all models of Flow bindings in our collection. Do you already know which model Flow binding suits you best? Check out the entire collection and buy your Flow snowboard bindings quickly and easily online in our webshop or drop by our showroom in Oldenzaal.

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What are the advantages of Flow bindings?

Are you still in doubt whether Flow snowboard bindings are right for you? Below, we list all the advantages of these snowboard bindings with the well-known rear entry.

  1. Fast entry with a Flow binding

The best known advantage of these popular bindings is that you can step in quickly and easily. Also called 'SPeed Entry bindings'. Why is that? Very simple. You open the high back of the Flow snowboard binding backwards by means of the snaplock. This creates enough space at the back to slide your snowboard boot into the binding. No more sitting on your butt to tighten your snowboard binding! How good is that?

  1. Powerful and comfortable Power Straps

Another advantage is that the Flow bindings are comfortable. The large wide straps distribute the pressure well over the boot. This minimizes pressure points so you hardly feel the bindings. As a result, you hardly feel the binding around your foot. With most models of Flow bindings, you can choose between two different straps:

Flow Fusion snowboard binding

This is the most traditional strap from Flow. This large and wide strap provides a powerful response and directness.

Flow Hybrid snowboard binding

The Hybrid PowerStraps connect the ankle strap with a more conventional nose strap for the perfect mix of control and flexibility.

  1. Optimal energy transfer through the Power Triangle

Because of the steel cable, which sits between the high back and the baseplate, the Flow binding reacts super instantly when making a backside turn.

The most popular Flow bindings

With Active Strap Technology , getting in and out of Flow bindings has never been easier. When the high back flips open, the strap rises slightly, freeing up even more space for entry. For example, the Flow Omni, a good women's snowboard binding, features such a strap.

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Flow NX2 bindings

The Flow NX2 is for every snowboarder looking for a strong, stiff and direct snowboard binding that offers a lot of support. Because the hiback is reinforced with glass fiber and equipped with asymmetrical support panels combined with the 'Active Strap Technology', the binding is very well adjustable and provides a super-fast entry. For even more response, check out the Flow NX2 GT.

The latest models Flow bindings

For winter 2021, Flow bindings came out with a whole new line of straps. For example, the Fusion strap and the Hybrid strap are now transformed into Powerstraps and both are made of 3D-molded EVA. A Fusion powerstrap offers a one-piece powerstrap that allows you to easily get in and out of the binding while maintaining control, grip and comfort. The Hybrid powerstrap still has the toe-strap for those looking for more control.

Flow Snowboards

Maybe you still have a snowboard from Flow and after years of loyal service you are looking for a new one. Unfortunately Flow doesn't make snowboards anymore but don't worry, this line has been taken over by Nidecker snowboards. Did you have a Flow Merc and are you looking for a new version? Then the Nidecker Merc is the successor! The same goes for the snowboard boots from Flow. These are now also called Nidecker but are still made with the traditional Flow fit. You used to have the Flow Helios, which is now called the Nidecker Helios. Can't you see the wood for the trees and would you like some advice? We have been working with both snowboard brands for years, so we can tell you exactly which Nidecker board is the best successor of your Flow snowboard.

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What are the best Flow bindings?

We regularly get questions about the best snowboard bindings. A Flow binding or a traditional strap binding? We are very enthusiastic about the Flow brand, but we can't say that they are better or worse than traditional strap bindings. It remains a personal preference. However, we can refute that Flow bindings are not stable enough, or that you have slack in Flow bindings. However, what is important when buying Flow bindings is that you adjust them properly to the boot. In addition, your snowboard boots should fit properly. Experience teaches us that a large group of snowboarders stand on shoes that are too big. They look nice, but when you start snowboarding, you notice that you start sliding. With a strap binding you can smuggle a little by tightening the binding a little too tightly. This is not something you want to do, because you will get pressure points in your shoe. When you step into a Flow binding with shoes that are too big, you keep sliding in your shoe. If you close the Flow binding too tightly, it is more difficult to get in and out. In addition, you can adjust all kinds of things on the bindings. Do you find this difficult? Come by our snowboard shop and we will help you with it.

Spare parts for Flow bindings

Nothing is as annoying as losing a part of your flow binding when you're on the mountain. That's why you should check regularly that all screws are still tight. Do you still lose a part or did a part of your Flow snowboard binding break? You can come to us for spare parts for Flow bindings. You can find straps, screws or ratchets in the snowboard binding parts section. First determine what type of flow binding you have and check the picture to see which part you need.

Why buy Flow bindings at Sideways?

We have more than 10 years of experience with Flow bindings and know the bindings inside out. This allows us to recommend the best Flow bindings for you. It does make a difference which Flow binding you mount on which snowboard. Are you looking for a complete snowboard set with Flow bindings? Then you're in luck! We have some nice snowboard sets with Flow bindings in stock. Is your desired set not listed? Please contact us and tell us your wishes. We will make you a nice set price.

Do you order Flow bindings online before 5 p.m.? Then they will be shipped the same day with PostNL. We charge NO shipping costs for sending snowboard bindings. Besides Flow, we also have good snowboard bindings from other brands.

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