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Looking for a new snowboard helmet? Then you've come to the right place at Are you considering a Pro-Tec snowboard helmet? Then read on quickly! Pro-Tec is a well-known brand in the world of snowboard protection. Pro-Tec has been producing high-quality snowboard helmets for men and women for over 40 years. All Pro-Tec snowboard helmets are designed to keep riders safe and protected while enjoying themselves on and off the slopes and in the park.

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Pro-Tec helmets for maximum protection and comfort.

Protec snowboard helmets are made with different materials of safety features, including EPS foam liners and ABS outer shells. These two layers provide excellent protection against bumps and impacts. In addition, all Pro-tec helmets are designed to offer maximum ventialtion. This keeps riders cool and comfortable on the mountain.

Pro-Tech snowboard helmets are distinguished by different styles. From classic "skate-like" style to sleek and modern designs.

Why choose Pro-Tec snowboard helmets?

One of the main advantages of Pro-Tec helmets is their commitment to sustainability. Pro-Tech is a member of Sustainable Apparel Coalition and primarily uses eco-friendly materials in their snowboard helmets such as recycled plastic and organic cotton, among others.

Pro-Tec snowboard helmets are a great choice for riders who value safety and protection on the mountain. With these high-quality snowboard helmets, Pro-Tec offers the equipment they need to enjoy a long day on the mountain safely and comfortably.

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