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Welcome to the wonderful world of snowboarding! We are delighted to assist you in making the right choice among various snowboards, boots, bindings, or other snowboard-related items. Make the most of your next skiing trip with the snowboarding gear that suits you best!


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What is a flat base snowboard?

A flat base snowboard refers to a specific snowboard profile where the surface of the snowboard between the bindings is flat, without any upward or downward curvature (camber or rocker).

Bij een directional twin snowboard is de flexibiliteit meestal iets stijver bij de tail (achterkant) dan bij de tip (voorkant). Dit geeft het board meer stabiliteit en controle bij hoge snelheden en zorgt voor betere prestaties in poedersneeuw. De bindingen zijn doorgaans iets meer naar achteren geplaatst dan bij een gewoon twin board, waardoor het board een iets meer directioneel karakter krijgt.

Advantages of a flat base snowboard?

A flat base snowboard offers several advantages for snowboarders. Some benefits include good stability. A flat base snowboard provides excellent stability due to the flat surface between the bindings. The flat surface of a flat base snowboard offers excellent edge control. Riders can rely on even pressure distribution along the length of the board, resulting in good grip and control while carving on various terrains and snow conditions. Additionally, snowboards with a flat base are versatile. They perform well on groomed slopes, off-piste terrain, and in the park. This makes them attractive to snowboarders who seek variety in their riding.

Disadvantages of a flat base snowboard?

Flat base snowboards are generally less suitable for freeriding. They can be less stable and responsive at high speeds and in challenging terrain, such as steep descents or uneven snow conditions.

Is a flat base snowboard only suitable for beginners?

No, a flat base snowboard is not only for beginners. While beginners can benefit from the stability and predictability of a flat base snowboard, there are also advanced riders who prefer this type of snowboard.

Buy flat snowboard

Looking for a good snowboard with a flat base? Then you've come to the right place at Snowboards.eu! As the name suggests, only the nose and tail of a flat base snowboard are slightly curved. The middle part of the board lies completely flat on the snow. The advantage of this is that the snowboard is very maneuverable. In addition, a flat base snowboard is easy to control at low speeds.

flat base snowboard

Flat base snowboard ideal for freestyle

A flat base snowboard is ideal for boxes and rails in the fun park. A flat base snowboard gives you more stability during landings than a full rocker snowboard. You will notice that you can perform ground tricks easier with a flat base snowboard than with a camber snowboard. Even beginners can enjoy riding a flat base snowboard. The boards are easy to steer and do not immediately punish every mistake. This makes you more confident on your board. Because of the forgiving characteristics of the flat base snowboard, this profile is often used for beginner snowboards, all mountain snowboards and freeride snowboards.

Difference between a flat base snowboard and a rocker snowboard

The difference between a flat base snowboard and a rocker snowboard lies in their shape and performance characteristics. A flat base snowboard has a flat contact surface along the entire length of the board, without any upward or downward curvature. This provides a stable and predictable ride, making the board easier to control at high speeds and riding straight. Flat base snowboards are ideal for beginners because of their forgiveness and easy turn initiation, which helps in learning basic skills.
On the other hand, a rocker snowboard has an upward curvature in the middle, allowing the nose and tail to come off the ground when the board is flat on the ground. This results in a playful and nimble feel, with improved float in powder and less chance of jamming. Rocker snowboards are popular with freestyle riders because of their excellent pop and forgiveness when performing tricks.
Compared to a flat base snowboard, a rocker snowboard offers a more playful and loose riding experience, ideal for freestyle and powder riding. Both types of snowboards have their own advantages, and it is important to consider which style of snowboarding you prefer and what conditions you often encounter on the mountain when making a choice.

Advantages of a flat snowboard

A snowboard with a flat base offers several advantages for snowboarders of all levels. The main feature of a flat base snowboard is that the contact surface of the board is flat, without any upward or downward curvature. This provides a stable and predictable riding experience.
One of the main advantages of a flat base snowboard is its excellent stability, especially at high speeds and while performing straight lines. The flat surface provides even pressure distribution along the entire length of the board, making it more resistant to vibration and shock.
In addition, the flat base makes it easier to learn to snowboard, especially for beginners. The board is more forgiving and less prone to unexpected movements, giving beginners more confidence and faster progress.
Another advantage is that flat base snowboards offer an easy and smooth gliding experience on flat sections and groomed slopes. They have less drag than other board shapes, resulting in a faster and more efficient ride.
In short, a snowboard with a flat base is ideal for snowboarders who want to experience stability, predictability and forgiveness. It is an excellent choice for beginners and freeride riders looking for a smooth and easy ride without compromising on control and performance.

Flat snowboards from the best brands

Looking for a good flat snowboard? Check out our extensive collection of snowboards. In our collection, you'll find men's and women's snowboards from the best brands. For example Bataleon, JonesLib-Tech, Roxy, Arbor, Burton, Nidecker, Rome, Capita and Gnu. Ordering is easy and safe online. Need more information or want to see the snowboards in real life? Come to our snowboard shop.

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