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The latest Bataleon snowboards

This season we have another great collection of snowboards in stock from Bataleon. Every season we upgrade and add new models. Have you ever heard of a Triple Base? Or have you seen these boards on RTL snowmagazine? Curious what the advantages are? We would love to show you in our store.

Bataleon snowboards and their unique 3BT

Bataleon have been doing their own thing since 2003. In this year Bataleon took their first steps in 3D snowboard building techniques. All Bataleon snowboards have camber and often with raised edges, also called Sidekick, and a full steel edge to grip. Bataleon keeps pushing and looking for new developments to make snowboarding more fun for everyone.

bataleon snowboards

Unique 3BT shape

Besides the now famous 3BT, each type of snowboard also has its own shape. All of them have a traditional camber in the middle of the board. After that, it varies per shape and 3BT where and how aggressive the upright steel edges will be. This will be different for a true twin snowboard than for a directional freeride snowboard.

The different shapes and 3BT

  • Pow 3BT Lots of float due to lots of sidekick and a tapered shape.
  • Freeride 3 BT Focused on grip and float.
  • Freestyle 3 BT As versatile as possible with a slightly longer nose than tail.
  • Twin 3 BT Wider center for stability
  • Jib 3 BT Perfect for the park!

Bataleon Evil twin

For years the park flagship at Bataleon. The Evil Twin has improved year after year. This full twin freestyle snowboard feels at home everywhere and is easy to steer. But if you give the board a beating, it goes like a rocket! So learn your first turns to your first double flip with an Evil Twin.

Feel Better on a Bataleon women's snowboard

Besides a lot of boards for the men among us, the brand also has a very strong collection of women's snowboards. Of course also equipped with Triple Base Technology. This makes Bataleon a great place to learn your first turns or to grow in confidence until you have mastered every piste. Black to off-piste. One of the ladies' toppers is the Bataleon Feel Better.

bataleon snowboard

Bataleon Goliath

Along with the Evil Twin, the Goliath is the most popular snowboard in their collection. The board truly lives up to its name. The directional Twin shape, combined with carbon additions and the super fast sintered base make the Goliath a true all-rounder!

All Mountain Bataleon snowboards

The Bataleon Thunder. This is a greatallmountain / freeride snowboard for the advanced rider. Based on the Bataleon Storm, for years a top board with the ladies. Both on and off piste the board challenges you to get the most out of your day on the mountain!

Also the Camel Two is a Directional snowboard and since 2021 in the collection of Bataleon. The Camel 2 is an improved version of the well known Cameltoe and is an ultimate freeride all mountain snowboard. The POW 3BT and the tapered shape make it a pleasure to ride on and off the slopes.


Deep in the Austrian Alps lies Bataleon Mountain lodge. Here they have been designing, testing, testing and more testing new shapes and types of snowboards for years.

Warranty Bataleon snowboards

Bataleon gives a standard 2-year warranty on all their handmade snowboards. However, it is useful to register your board on Bataleon after purchase.

We from Sideways support the 3BT way of construction and share the mission of Bataleon that it's all about having fun on the mountain, "Smile! it's snowboarding".

Bataleon Snowboard sets with bindings

Are you looking for a Bataleon board with bindings? That's convenient. We have already put together some complete Bataleon snowboard sets for you. We've made some combinations of different boards with bindings that fit together. Is your favorite set not listed? Or do you prefer a Bataleon snowboard with Flow bindings? Please contact us and let us know which snowboard set you prefer. We will make you a nice set price.

bataleon snowboards

Buy your Bataleon snowboard at

Maybe you are thinking about buying a new snowboard. You heard through your friends and family that Bataleon is a great board. We agree. Are you still in doubt whether a Bataleon snowboard suits you? Come to our showroom and let us advise you which type of snowboard suits you best. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee. Are you not completely satisfied after a week of snowboarding? No problem. We always go for satisfied customers. Come back to our shop and explain what you didn't like about the board. We will look for a solution together. Would you like a different board? That is also possible. You only pay the rental price for as long as you have used the board. You can use the remaining amount to choose another snowboard. Does it happen often? Fortunately not. We have a lot of experience with Bataleon snowboards and we regularly test multiple models so we can give you good advice.

Do you buy a snowboard with us? Then we make the board completely piste-ready. We polish the steel edges and give the board a fresh layer of hot wax.


Bataleon ordering snowboards online

Did you find your favorite Bataleon snowboard in the right length on our site? Are you not from our snowboard shop? Order your board quickly and safely in our webshop. Secure payment with Cash on Delivery, Credit Card or Ideal. All orders placed before 17:00 are shipped the same day with PostNL.

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