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Never Summer Snowboards is an innovative brand in the snowboard industry. The company was founded in 1991 and has since built a good reputation for producing when it comes to top quality, high performance snowboards.

The history of Never Summer snowboards

The story of Never Summer Snowboards began in 1983, when Tim Canaday and Tracey Canaday founded the snowboard brand in the mountains of Colorado. The two snowboard freaks had started making snowboards as a hobby and never thought it would grow into a successful snowboard brand. Never Summer snowboards started small, producing only a few snowboards a week at first. Soon the demand for these great boards grew and they expanded their production. In 1991 Never Summer snowboards patented their own technology. They called the technology "Rocker Camber." Never Summer snowboards gained unprecedented stability and control through this technology. This made the snowboards suitable for all levels, from beginners to professional snowboarders.

In the following years Never Summer kept developing their snowboards by using new techniques and materials. In 1994, the brand was the first to introduce snowboards with steel edges for more control. In 2001 they introduced a whole new core known as "Carbon VXR Laminate". This gave the Never Summer snowboards unprecedented stiffness and responsiveness.

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What makes Never Summer snowboards unique?

The dedication and quality and durability is what makes Never Summer snowboards unique. The brand uses only the best materials and is committed to reducing their carbon footprint. Many recycled materials and wood from sustainably managed forests are used to produce Never Summer snowboards.

Never Summer snowboards with Rocker and Camber

In the early days of snowboarding, almost all snowboards had a rocker profile. Back then, snowboarding was basically limited to backhill and backcountry powder riding. Back then, snowboarders were not yet welcome on the slopes. When ski areas started allowing snowboarders, snowboard manufacturers switched from rocker profile to the profile used to build skis. Camber allows you to put more pressure on the snow so you maintain more control on harder surfaces. In the 2000s, many brands came back to market with Rocker snowboards after many boarders missed the playful and surfy feel. Around this time, the founders of Never Summer snowboards researched the pros and cons of each profile and decided to combine both profiles. In 2009, Never Summer patented Rocker and Camber or CRC (camber Rocker Camber) and in 2010, the first Never Summer boards with this technology hit the market. The fusion of both profiles brings the best of both worlds and provides stability and playfulness. Camber has you stability at high speeds and grip in the turns. Rocker on its part lets you float in the powder and jib nice and easy in the park.

What makes the Triple Camber profile of Never Summer boards revolutionary?

While it's nothing new and several brands combine rocker and camber in one snowboard, Never Summer snowboards has changed the way these different profiles are combined. In doing so, Never Summer has created the most versatile all-mountain snowboard ever.

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Center Camber Zone

While most brands use a camber/rocker combination with two camber zones directly under the foot, Never Summer snowboards has added a third camber in the center. With this design, your primary edge grip starts from the center of the board, giving you maximum pop as you shift power to your feet. This central camber zone also reduces the pivot of the rocker, making a triple camber snowboard straight and predictable rather than nervous.

Underfoot camber zones

The camber zones under the feet of Never Summer snowboards give you insane stability at high speeds. When you put your weight on your toe side or heel side, the camber naturally steers you into the turn. Once you put the board on its side it actually stays on its side too which makes you feel confident.

Two small rocker zones

Two small rocker zones between the camber zones give you just the push you need to stay on top of the snow. These extra rocker zones also make the Never Summer boards more playful than other models with similar stiffness and damping.

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