Clew bindings

The story behind Clew bindings

The German company behind Clew bindings specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality and comfortable snowboard bindings. Clew Snowboarder, as the company behind Clew bindings is called, was founded by a group of enthusiastic snowboarders who were passionate about improving the snowboarding experience of riders of every level.

In the early 2000s, the group of snowboarders began experimenting with new bindings and technologies that would change snowboarding for good. At the time, most snowboard bindings were designed in the traditional way. So with a baseplate, highback and straps. For some riders, strapping the bindings properly over and over again was and remains a fumble.

Clew snowboard bindings quickly gained a reputation for their innovative technology and high-quality manufacturing. The convenient step-in bindings were enthusiastically embraced by snowboarders of all skill levels. The company has continued to evolve and improve their bindings over the years, incorporating new materials and design features to improve comfort, performance and durability.

The benefits of Clew bindings

Clew bindings, also known as step-in bindings, are an innovative and emerging technology in the snowboarding world. They offer several advantages over traditional strap bindings and have the potential to make snowboarding more accessible and easier for beginners and experienced riders alike.

  1. Quick and Easy Entry and Exit: The biggest advantage of Clew bindings is the ease of entry and exit. With Clew bindings, you no longer have to fidget your feet in and out of the straps. You can simply step into your bindings and lock them with a simple motion. This saves valuable time and makes it easy to quickly get on your board and off the mountain.

  2. Safety and Reliability: Clew bindings are designed with safety and reliability in mind. They feature sturdy and durable locking mechanisms to ensure your feet stay firmly on the board while riding. This minimizes the risk of unintentional falls and increases rider confidence.

  3. Precise Fit: Clew bindings offer a precise fit specifically tailored to the shape of your snowboard boots. This provides better control and responsiveness while riding. In addition, some Clew bindings can be individually adjusted to the rider's preferences for an even better fit and performance.

  4. Compatibility: Clew bindings are designed to be compatible with both traditional 4x4 insert patterns and the more modern Channel systems used by some snowboard brands. This means you can fit Clew bindings to most snowboard models, which is convenient if you want to switch boards or have different boards.

  5. Easy Adjustment: Clew bindings can often be quickly and easily adjusted to fit different rider shoe sizes and preferences. This makes sharing your snowboard with friends and family a lot easier because you can quickly adjust the bindings to their shoe sizes.

While Clew bindings offer many advantages, it is important to note that every rider is different and the choice of bindings is personal. Some experienced snowboarders still prefer traditional strap bindings because of their familiarity and adjustability. It is best to try out different types of bindings and discover which one best suits your riding style and preferences.

Clew bindings

Clew bindings for women and men

Clew bindings come for women and men. The brand makes no distinction between the two. Only the right size matters. Make sure to check which size Clew binding you need. A too big or too small binding affects performance and can make or break your day on the slopes.

Below is the size chart to determine the right size.

Clew bindingen maattabel

Are clew bindings also suitable for advanced skiers?

Yes, Clew bindings are definitely also suitable for advanced snowboarders. Although Clew bindings are often associated with beginners because of their easy entry mechanism, they also have a lot to offer advanced riders.

The ease of entry and exit of Clew bindings can be especially useful for advanced riders while snowboarding in challenging terrain and backcountry conditions. It allows them to quickly adjust their bindings, such as when they need to release their snowboard to run through a tricky passage.

In addition, Clew bindings offer precise fit and responsiveness, which is essential for advanced snowboarders looking to make technical maneuvers and fast turns. The locking system ensures that the bindings stay safely and securely on the board, providing better control and precision.

In short, Clew bindings are suitable for both beginners and advanced snowboarders because they provide the comfort, performance and convenience needed for a great snowboarding experience, regardless of the rider's skill level

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