Dakine gloves

dakineDakine, founded in Hawaii in 1979 and located at the carries of Mount Hood in Hood River, Oregon, produces backpacks, snowboard bags, snowboard gloves and a variety of other snowboard accessories.

Dakine snowboard materiaal

Core values of Dakine

Respect has always been a core value of Dakine. Dakine initially produced a surf line developed out of respect for Maui's waves, aimed primarily at locals. The sea and mountains are more than just a playground in the eyes of Dakine. Dakine sees these places as havens where relaxation and freedom come together. Dakine 's sustainability efforts are based on respect and appreciation for these places and relationships. Dakine believes that our planet and our communities need help, and ultimately we can have a positive effect on the world by reducing product impact, improving internal processes and helping to build a community of advocates through shared passions.

Respect for the products of Dakine

The best thing Dakine does is make a great product, but even the best product has an impact on the environment, so Dakine is always working to reduce that impact while providing durability and functionality. Each year Dakine improves knowledge and their material options, making it easier to approach product design with a variety of techniques that prioritize optimal performance and minimize environmental impact.

Sustainable Dakine products

When making Dakine products, durability is the first priority. When equipment is made to last, it is less likely to end up in a landfill. Dakine does its best to use materials that reduce its impact on the environment and the people who work with it.

Each year, Dakine expands its product line, taking into account the following friendlier options.

Recycled materials

Dakine has long used recycled PET materials and each year they strive to use more without sacrificing sustainability. PET polyester fibers come from post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles and are used in products from backpacks to clothing.

Bluesign®-approved materials

The bluesign® system validates a material's entire supply chain to ensure it uses the most environmentally friendly chemistry and processes. Dakine uses bluesign™-approved materials throughout their line.

Dakine uitrusting

DWR finishing in items from Dakine

PFCs are chemicals often found in durable water repellent (DWR) treatments used on performance gear and apparel to make textiles water resistant. Some of these PFCs have been shown to pollute waterways. Therefore, Dakine is working with their partners to increase the use of PFC-free and PFC(ec)-free DWR finishes.

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