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All about the Rome Vice bindings

The Rome Vice bindings are built for the snowboarder who demands reliability and performance, both on unexpected powder days and during intense adventures. They offer the perfect balance of strength and flexibility, supported by the AsymWrap platform and PivotMount adjustment system, and feature the legendary grip of the AuxTech® strap package for optimal control.


Discover the Rome Vice bindings

The Rome Vice bindings are designed specifically for snowboarders looking for reliability and performance, especially on those days when unexpected powder adventures turn into intense snowboard afternoons. These bindings offer strength, stability and versatility, making them the perfect choice for riders who can handle anything.

One of the standout features of the Vice bindings is the use of the AsymWrap platform, which provides a smooth and responsive flex. This makes the bindings great for freestyle moves, but they perform equally well on hard slopes and in deep powder. The PivotMount adjustment system lets you adjust the bindings to your personal preferences, giving you complete control over your snowboard.

What really sets the Vice bindings apart is the legendary hold of the AuxTech® strap package. This strap provides unparalleled grip and comfort, keeping your feet firmly in place even on the most demanding descents. This means you get both stability and flexibility with the Vice bindings, taking your snowboarding experience to the next level.

Whether you're a seasoned pro who enjoys backcountry adventures or an enthusiastic snowboarder looking to explore the entire mountain, the Rome Vice bindings offer the durability and performance you need. These bindings are built to last and can withstand the harshest conditions on the mountain.

In short, the Rome Vice bindings are the ultimate choice for snowboarders who demand reliability, performance and versatility. With their AsymWrap platform, PivotMount system and AuxTech® strap package, they offer the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. If you're looking for bindings that will take your snowboarding adventures to the next level, the Vice bindings from Rome are the right choice for you. Get ready for days of powder and adventure with the Rome Vice bindings by your side.




US men

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S 5 - 7 6.5 - 8.5 36.5 - 39 23 cm - 25 cm
M/L 7.5 - 10 9 - 11.5 39.5 - 43.5 25.5 - 28
L/XL 10.5 - 13 - 44 - 48 28.5 - 31
General specifications
About this snowboard
Flex baseplate
Flex highback
 Rome Vice Agent Black Red
 Rome Vice Agent Black Red
Technical specifications
 Rome Vice Agent Black Red Technical SPecifications

Technical SPecifications

Nitro strongly believes that implementing small initiatives, such as eliminating plastic in our packaging, material choices, sustainable designs and now offsetting our climate emissions, can significantly improve the overall quality and longevity of our products while being kinder to Mother Earth.

Baseplate Adjustable Baseplate

Made to fit a wider range of boot models and sizes.

PivotMount PivotMounts, an exclusive binding innovation from Rome, are small adjustable pieces that allow riders to shift the position of their ankle straps on their boots. The higher the ankle strap sits on your boot, the more power and initiation in turns. The lower the strap, the more surfy and tweakable you can ride.

PivotMount offers 4 different positions for ankle strap placement per side of the strap, a total of 16 configurations are possible....


Rome bindings feature FastEntry Technology for super fast and easy entry into the binding. The contoured ladder on the ankle and toe straps are designed to flip open and keep the straps out of the way while you put your boot in the binding. Faster and easier boarding thanks to FastEntry!

Ratchets BombProof Buckles

BombProof ratchets are one-piece forged aluminum for better grip and durability. Built with a wider tooth position for more engagement, making ratcheting easier and better protecting your ladder straps from wear.

Ankle Strap Proflex Ankle Strap

Powered by AuxTech®, these are incredibly expandable, super durable and offer superior locking capabilities.

Toe Strap ProGrip Toe Strap

This innovative network of tiny hinges, powered by AuxTech®, provides unparalleled grip and locking grip.

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