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Welcome to the wonderful world of snowboarding! We are delighted to assist you in making the right choice among various snowboards, boots, bindings, or other snowboard-related items. Make the most of your next skiing trip with the snowboarding gear that suits you best!


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What are snowboard boots with a medium flex?

Snowboard boots with a medium flex have a moderate level of stiffness and flexibility. They offer a balance between support and forgiveness, making them suitable for many snowboarders.

What are the benefits of snowboard boots with a medium flex?

Snowboard boots with a medium flex provide a good combination of responsiveness and playfulness. They are suitable for snowboarders of different levels and can be used for various snowboarding styles.

Which snowboarding styles are most suitable for snowboard boots with a medium flex?

Snowboard boots with a medium flex are suitable for all-mountain snowboarders who like to ride on different terrains and conditions. They offer a good mix of stability for descents and flexibility for freestyle tricks.

Are snowboard boots with a medium flex suitable for freestyle riding?

Yes, snowboard boots with a medium flex are suitable for freestyle riding. They provide enough flexibility for freestyle tricks and jumps while still offering sufficient support for landing stability.

What are the best ways to maintain snowboard boots with a medium flex?

To keep snowboard boots with a medium flex in good condition, make sure to thoroughly dry them after each use. Store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Clean the exterior with a damp cloth and use mild soap if necessary. Also, ensure that the insole and liner stay clean and dry to prevent odors.

Buy medium flex snowboard boots

Looking for new medium flex snowboard boots? Then you've come to the right place at Snowboard shoes with a medium flex are more forgiving than a stiff freeride shoe and stiffer than a park shoe with a soft flex. The snowboard shoes require less energy to turn turns but provide enough support to accelerate on the slopes. In addition, they provide less pressure on the shins. Medium flex snowboard boots are ideal for advanced snowboarders and All mountain snowboarders.

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What does a Medium flex say about a snowboard boot?

You regularly hear the term flex and stiffness come up when we talk about snowboard boots. What exactly do we mean by that? The softer the flex, the easier the shoe is to bend. When you want to turn a corner, you need to be able to bend your knees over your toes. The stiffer the shoe, the more difficult this is. Besides a medium flex, you can choose between soft boots for your snowboard or hard boots for your snowboard!

Ordering snowboard boots with a medium flex online is the place to be if you are looking for snowboard boots with a medium flex. You'll find snowboard boots from the best brands in our collection, like Burton, VANS, ThirtyTwo, Nidecker and Rome.

We always advise you to come by in our shop so we can measure your feet and advise you properly. It may sound strange but buying a snowboard is easier than buying a pair of good soft flex snowboard boots. The most common mistake is to buy shoes too big. When you get the right size you will notice that you feel the front of the boots when you stand up straight. When you go through your knees you will notice that your toes are released. Stop by our snowboard shop to see our entire collection of snowboard boots.

Our collection contains snowboard boots for both men and women. Do you need more information about snowboards or snowboard shoes? Feel free to contact us or drop by in our snowboard shop.

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