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Welcome to the wonderful world of snowboarding! We are delighted to assist you in making the right choice among various snowboards, boots, bindings, or other snowboard-related items. Make the most of your next skiing trip with the snowboarding gear that suits you best!


Snowboard expert

Are there men's snowboard boots specifically suitable for wide feet?

Yes, some brands offer men's snowboard boots in special width sizes, such as "Wide" or "W." These boots have a wider fit to provide comfort for snowboarders with broader feet.

Can I buy men's snowboard boots online, or is it better to try them on in a store?

While online shopping can be convenient, when purchasing men's snowboard boots, it is generally best to try them on in a physical store. This way, you can try different models, feel how they fit, and find the best match for your feet and snowboarding style.

What are the main differences between men's snowboard boots for beginners and advanced snowboarders?

Men's snowboard boots for beginners are usually softer and more flexible, making them forgiving and easier for learning to snowboard. For advanced snowboarders, stiffer boots are more common as they provide more precision and responsiveness for advanced maneuvers and higher speeds.

Can I customize men's snowboard boots for a better fit?

Yes, men's snowboard boots can often be customized for a better fit. Some models have thermo-moldable insoles that can take the shape of your foot when heated, while other brands may offer different insoles to adjust the fit.

What is the difference between traditional laces, Boa closure, and quick lacing systems in men's snowboard boots?

Traditional laces are the most common closure system and offer an even fit, but they may take a bit more time to lace up. Boa closures have a dial system that quickly and evenly tightens the boots, making on-the-fly adjustments easy while snowboarding. Quick lacing systems are similar to Boa closures but use cords or cables to secure the boots.

Buy Snowboard boots men

Are you out of your old snowboard boots or looking for your first pair? is the place to be. We have a wide range of mens snowboard boots from brands like VANS, ThirtyTwo and Nidecker. If you already know which model and size fits you best, you can easily order them online. If you need help finding the right boots, come to our showroom or contact us.


Good fit snowboard boots for men

Unfortunately, we all know it. Cramp under your feet or even blisters. Because you stand on your boots all day long during winter sports and put a lot of pressure on them, a good fitting boot in the right size is very important. Many snowboarders board with shoes that are too big. They look nice, until the moment you start snowboarding on them and you start sliding in your shoe. A good size snowboard boot will feel too small the moment you put it on for the first time.


How do you determine the right size of a snowboard boot?

Come to our showroom and we will help you find the perfect pair. We start by measuring your feet. By measuring your feet on our special meter we will quickly see what type of foot you have and which shoe/sole goes with it. If we pick the right size and type of shoe for you, it will fit closely when you put it on. Do not be alarmed this is how it should be! Close the shoe neatly as you do on the slopes and stand in the snowboard position. You will notice that your heel slides into the back of the shoe and you will have more room at the toes.

We at Sideways have put together a nice collection of men's snowboard shoes from:

Snowboard boots men from Thirthytwo

32 Fahrenheit equals 0 degrees. The moment when all the fun begins. ThirtyTwo is a high-end snowboard brand whose main focus is on making boots. They are known for their long lasting fit. Out of the box not the most comfortable shoe but almost everything can be adjusted on this Intuition liner boot. This way you will always have a perfect fit for your feet.

Snowboard boots men from VANS

VANS, who doesn't know them. This skate-oriented brand has been making snowboard boots for years. They are made with great knowledge and expertise. And they look great too.

Men Nidecker snowboard shoes

Nidecker (formerly Flow) makes snowboard shoes for both men and women. Most of them use the BOA closure system. With this system you can quickly and easily close your boots. Super easy and comfortable.

Men's Burton snowboard boots

Besides very good snowboards and snowboard bindings, Burton also makes good snowboard boots for men. Burton boots guarantee quality and a good fit. Burton uses laces and two other closures. SPeedlace closures and BOA closures. Models like the Burton Moto, Burton and the Photon have been in the collection for several years and prove themselves year after year.

Snowboard boots men sale

We prove that snowboard boots don't always have to be expensive. On our site we always have some pairs of men's boots on sale. The reason that some snowboard boots are on sale is that they might have come out in a new color. Also in our store we always have great deals. For both shoes, bindings and boards. Snowboard boots on sale are always exchangeable if they don't fit well. We also sell women's snowboard boots!


Order women's snowboard boots online

Do you choose to order snowboard boots online at Then you choose for quality. Would you rather try on the boots first? Of course you can. You are welcome in our snowboard shop in Oldenzaal. First we measure your feet. We also take a good look at the shape of your feet. Do you have a high instep? Wide feet etc. We take all this into account to determine the best snowboard shoe for you. Then it's time to try on a few models. When you put on a snowboard shoe for the first time, you have to feel the front of the shoe. Don't be alarmed, this is supposed to happen. Then kick the ground with your heel so that your heel slides into the back. Now you close the shoes. Tight is tight. If you close the shoes too tight, blood flow will suffer. Stand in the same position as how you stand on your snowboard. You will now very lightly feel the front. Once we have found the right shoe for you, we will heat the shoes. After heating, put the shoes on for about another 10 minutes. The inner shoes of the boots will form to your feet. Don't do this? No problem. You will get the same result after two days of snowboarding.

Do you order the snowboard boots before 3 p.m.? Then they will be shipped the same day with PostNL. After receiving them, you still have 14 days for reflection.

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