Rub-on wax

Everything you need to know about Rub-On wax

Rub-on wax is a type of ski and snowboard wax that is applied directly to the belay of the ski or snowboard without the use of an iron. It comes in the form of liquid wax or wax sticks and provides a quick and easy way to improve the gliding performance and durability of the equipment. So don't want to get started with a wax iron? Then rub-on wax is a great alternative

Composition of Rub-on Wax

Rub-on wax is composed of a blend of wax and additives that provide good gliding performance and protection from friction. The exact composition can vary depending on the brand and intended use, but most rub-on waxes contain a combination of synthetic and/or natural waxes.

What are the benefits of rub-on wax?

Applying rub-on wax has several advantages over hot wax. Here are the three main advantages:

  1. Easy to Use: Rub-on wax requires no special equipment or heat sources and can be easily applied with minimal effort.
  2. Quick Application: Rub-on wax takes only minutes to apply, making it ideal for last-minute touch-ups or quick maintenance jobs.
  3. Convenient on the Go: Rub-on wax is compact and portable, making it easy to take with you on ski or snowboard trips for quick on-the-go applications.

When do you choose rub-on wax?

Rub On wax is a wax that you really should always take with you on your ski trip. Why? Here are the three main reasons why you should wax your snowboard with Rub Ons wax

  • Daily maintenance waxes: It's ideal for daily under-housing sessions to improve glide performance between hot wax sessions
  • Last Minute Lubrications : Rub on wax can be applied quickly for last-minute lubrications before heading up the mountain for extra glide performance.
  • Emergency Repairs: It can be used for emergency repairs to reduce friction and protect the base from damage.

rub on wax

Buy Rub On wax for your snowboard online

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