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Contest Wax for Skiing and Snowboarding

Competition wax, also known as racing wax, plays an important role in the world of snowboarding and skiing. Athletes and professional skiers and snowboarders rely on high-quality wax to achieve optimal performance during competitions and training sessions. In our large collection of articles for waxing and sharpening, we also offer a wide range of specific competition wax and racing wax.

What is competition wax?

Competition wax, often referred to as race wax, is a specialized form of hot wax designed to provide optimal performance in competitive ski and snowboard competitions. It is used by professional athletes, race teams and avid amateurs to improve speed, control and grip during races and training sessions.

Different types of competition wax

In our collection of competition wax from a.o. Oneball and Holmenkol you will find different types of wax. But what exactly are the differences?

  1. Hydrocarbon Wax:

    Hydrocarbon wax is a type of hydrocarbon-based ski and snowboard wax. It is often used for general applications, such as training and recreational use, because of its good all-round performance in various snow conditions. It offers improved gliding properties, reduced friction and better control.

    This type of wax is typically less expensive than fluorocarbon wax and is therefore often chosen by recreational skiers and snowboarders. It can be applied using several methods, including melting and rubbing in with an iron or by hot waxing with a wax iron. After application, the wax is smoothed with a wax comb and polished for optimal gliding performance.

    Although hydrocarbon wax is less specialized than fluorocarbon wax, it remains a popular choice because of its affordability and versatility, and still offers significant benefits to skiers and snowboarders who do not require extremely high performance.

  2. Fluorocarbon Wax:

    Fluorocarbon wax is an advanced type of ski and snowboard wax that contains fluorocarbon compounds. It is known for its excellent water repellent properties and superior performance, especially in wet snow conditions. This wax offers improved gliding properties and reduces friction, allowing higher speeds and better control on the slopes. Popular with advanced and professional skiers and snowboarders, it is used for competition and racing applications. Application includes melting and applying with an iron or hot waxing with a wax iron, followed by smoothing and polishing for optimal performance.

  1. Pure Fluor Wax:

    Pure fluorine wax, or high-fluorocarbon wax, is an advanced form of ski and snowboard wax with a high fluorocarbon content. Used primarily by top-level professional skiers and snowboarders, this wax offers outstanding water repellency and maximum glide performance, even in extreme snow conditions. It is the ultimate choice for athletes striving for maximum speed and control on the slopes. Application is similar to other waxes, where it is melted and applied with an iron or hot waxed with a wax iron, followed by smoothing and polishing for optimal results.

What are the benefits of contest wax?

The benefits of competition wax include:

  1. Improved Speed: Contest wax reduces friction and improves gliding performance, allowing skiers and snowboarders to achieve higher speeds on the slopes.
  2. Improved Grip: This wax provides better grip and control during turns and maneuvers, which is essential for top performance in competitions and races.
  3. Material Protection: Regular application of competition wax protects skis and snowboards from wear caused by friction and abrasive snow conditions, extending the life of the equipment.
  4. Optimal Performance: The use of specially designed wax allows skiers and snowboarders to tune their equipment to the specific conditions of the slope, resulting in maximum performance and a competitive advantage.
  5. Enhanced Resistance to Moisture: Some competition waxes, particularly those with high fluorocarbon content, offer excellent water-repellent properties, allowing skiers and snowboarders to achieve optimal performance even in damp or wet snow conditions.


Difference between competition wax and all temperture wax

The difference between competition wax and all-temperature wax lies in their targeting and performance characteristics. Competition wax, also known as racing wax, is designed for maximum performance in specific snow conditions, and is often used by experienced and professional skiers and snowboarders during competitions. All-temperature wax, on the other hand, is designed to perform in a wide range of temperatures and snow conditions, making it a versatile choice for recreational skiers and snowboarders who encounter different environments during their trips.

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