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Are you an avid boarder and will your son or daughter start snowboarding? Then a pair of good snowboard bindings for your child cannot be missing. Besides men's and women's bindings , is the right place for children's snowboard bindings and snowboards. In our collection, you'll find bindings from brands like Flow, Burton, Rome, Nidecker,Union and Bent Metal.

Practical Flow snowboard bindings for kids

Going for convenience and comfort? Then check out Flow bindings. You only have to adjust your child's snowboard binding once. Once you've opened the highback, you can quickly and easily step into the binding from the back. Of course, we also have snowboard bindings with straps.


What should you pay attention to when buying kids snowboard bindings?

When buying kids snowboard bindings, there are some important factors you should pay attention to to make sure you choose the right bindings for your child.

  1. Size: Make sure you choose the right size snowboard bindings that fit your child's shoe size. Bindings that are too big or too small can lead to discomfort and reduced performance on the snowboard.
  2. Flexibility: Children's snowboard bindings should have a soft and forgiving flex. This helps your child make turns easier and have more control while snowboarding.
  3. Adjustability: Choose bindings with adjustable straps and highbacks so you can adjust the bindings as your child grows. This will allow the bindings to grow with your child and last longer.
  4. Comfort: Make sure the bindings are comfortable and fit well with your child's snowboard boots. Padded and ergonomic straps and footbeds contribute to comfort and performance.


Difference snowboard bindings child and adult bindings

The difference between snowboard bindings for children and adults lies mainly in size, flexibility and safety features.

First, children's bindings are smaller and fit children's smaller snowboard boots. This provides a better fit and makes it easier for children to put on and fasten their bindings.

Second, children's bindings tend to have a softer flex than adult bindings. This is because children have less weight and strength, so a softer flex makes it easier for them to make turns and steer.

In general, snowboard bindings for kids are specifically designed to meet the unique needs and abilities of young snowboarders, while adult bindings are tailored to the larger size and stronger abilities of adults. It is important to choose the right bindings so that both children and adults can enjoy their snowboarding experience comfortably and safely.

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Do you know exactly which snowboard bindings child will fit the snowboard? Then order the bindings safely and quickly online. Do you need more information to make the right choice? Feel free to contact us or visit our snowboard shop. Besides great men's snowboard bindings, you can also find great kids snowboards and boots in our webshop.